Belgian Gambling Regulator backlisted Winzon Group

The gaming regulator in Belgium has banned several new iGaming sites. One of them is owned by the Winzon Group, which also operates in Malta!

The Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC) updated its list of blacklisted websites on Wednesday, adding an iGaming site operated by the Malta-licensed Winzon Group to its blacklist for operating an illegal gambling business in Belgium without a license targeting consumers.”

The Belgian gambling regulator has added the Malta-based Winzon group to its black list for operating an illegal online casino.

Intelligence agencies around the world are currently on high alert after it was discovered that Winzon has been blocking transactions from being processed. It’s not clear why this happened but one theory suggests they may have ties with Malta – an island country in Southern Europe where many Maltese people live as well!

Belgian Regulator Cracks Down on Illegal Operators

The gambling company Winzon Group was targeted by the Maltese gaming regulator for operating 23 websites that are illegally located in this territory. The only website they were able to identify on their list is, but it’s unclear why exactly this site has been categorized as illegal when there’s no evidence showing otherwise other than its domain name itself which reads “casino” or something similar throughout most parts of text found within webpages associated with these sites.”

Belgian Gambling Regulator

Among the blacklisted additions, of which there are 30 total, are sites such as,, and The last time the regulator added names was in January, when it included 11. Among those were several sites.

The BGC is warning malta based Genesis Global that if they continue to operate unlicensed websites in the country, then fines between €100-400 thousand will befall them. Players who use these sites could also face criminal charges and damages up to 26k euros (28000 USD).

BGC Clarifies News Shop Betting

The updated regulations on sports betting have finally been released. Now, fans will know for sure if their favorite team is legal or not when they head out to calculate how much money can be earned from placing wagers in newspapers across America!

In order to qualify as a newspaper shop in Belgium, it’s necessary that you have at least 200 different titles of daily and weekly newspapers with the current issue date. This has been established for shops wishing establish themselves within this profession—the criteria is strict!

To be able to print and sell the newspapers, shops need a turnover of at least €25K (US$27 600) per year. They also have an existing non-exclusive agreement with F1 licensors that is necessary for this venture into business!

The F1 license is a special type of gambling permit that allows drivers to organize bets. The validity period for this certificate lasts nine years, which means you have plenty of time before your next renewal date! If it’s been less than three months since purchasing their first-ever race card from us at an event near you soon – don’t worry because all installation services are also available remotely via internet connection so there won’t be any need whatsoever in traveling anywhere just get yours today and start winning some big money back

The maximum bet amount an F2 license holder can process is €200 (US$221) per person, and they are only allowed to place bets on sports. TV screens aren’t allowed either so make sure you’re at least 18 years old!

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